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Cyberpunk 2020 Single Player: Session 3 - Shoot the Medic First

Session Three of my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player campaign.  Before I get into the details of the session, I gotta clear up some housekeeping.  For those of you that missed last sessions actual play report you can find it here.  For those of you just joining us you can find the first part of Session One, right here.  With that out of the way let's jump in.

We had a late start, because the player had to wait for their food to be delivered.  Which delayed us by about half an hour, (needless to say the delivery guy didn't get a tip, at least I hope he didn't).  When we last left our heroine Aki, she'd been feathered by needles laced with sleeping drugs.  Causing her to fall unconscious.  We picked up the session at around the first time she regained semi-consciousness.  

Hask Mamund, a pimp that Aki used to
sleep with.  Who only just recently
kidnapped Aki's girlfriend Rinchen.
Aki's vision was blurred, she felt groggy and had the worst case of cotton-mouth she'd ever had in her life.  Through the grogginess she could hear two voices a man and a woman.  The man's voice she recognized as Hask Mamund, the woman's she didn't recognize.  
"I want you to cut up Bo for spare parts." said Hask. 
"Sure thing.  What about the runaway girls?" the woman responded. 
"Wali's tracking them with the RFID chips.  The boys'll find them soon enough."
"Alright, what about her?" the woman was obviously referring to Aki.
"Tell me when she wakes up.  When the boys get back, I'm gonna let them have a little fun with her input.  And I'd love for her to see that." 
With that final verbalization by Hask, Aki's vision once again turned black as she lost consciousness. 

She didn't know how long she'd been out for when she finally regained consciousness.  She stared up at the ceiling, with no idea where she was or how much time had passed, while she'd been out.  All she knew was that she was lying on a bed.  She didn't feel the familiar weight of any of her weapons or her phone.  Only the weight of her Light-Armoured Jacket and the other clothes on her back.  Aki glanced around the room trying to get a feel of her surroundings.  There was a curtain separating the part of the room she was in, from the rest of the room.  There was a woman with blond, ratty hair and hoop earrings sitting at a desk.  With her back to Aki, who hadn't noticed that her charge was now awake.  On the desk sat Aki's Kukri Knife!  She wasted no time springing up from the bed, dashing for the knife.  Fast-drawing the blade as she tried to plunge it into the woman's stomach.  

The woman with considerable skill, despite her initial surprise caught Aki's arm before the knife could pierce her flesh.  
"Well now, isn't this a surprise." she said, standing up from her chair backing away from Aki before let her arm go.  
Aki glanced a LED display not that much unlike Aki's own Glo-Tattooes.  (A kill display, the woman was Hask's in-house ripperdoc.  Who has some sado-masochistic tendencies, which include enjoying pain inflicted on herself and killing people).  It was the number 30.  Aki didn't have time to contemplate the number's significance.  Her speedway activated as she lashed out at the woman trying to gain purchase on her for an easier target.  The woman deftly turned aside Aki's attempt to grab onto her.
"Bitch!" growled Aki, before recovering and throwing a left hook at the woman's face.  The blow landed with a satisfying crack.  The woman just took it, smiling menacingly at Aki. 
"You've got a little fight in you.  I like that." 
Aki gave a feral growl as she attempted another slash at the woman with her knife.  The knife struck the wall harmlessly behind the woman's head.

This time the woman came at Aki, putting her on the defensive.  She made a clawing motion with her
The Blonde Woman, Korjata
Hask's inhouse ripperdoc.
Before Aki killed her.
hands and blades extended from below her fingernails.  Aki dodged her wild swipes and came back with another slash of her Kukri knife.  Burying its blade in the woman's flesh.  A look of shock came across her face as Aki followed up with a kick to the fresh wound.  The woman grimaced as Aki's boot connected with her tender injury.  Aki didn't waste any time following the kick with a slash of knife that buried itself in the woman's collarbone.  She twisted the weapon in the woman's freshly acquired wound tearing a huge chunk out of her flesh.  Covered in gore and blood the woman fell back agains the wall.  If she wasn't dead now, her wounds would kill her soon enough.  

Aki exited the room through the door, coming out into the hall.  Across the way she could see an elevator, to her left there was a door and to her right there was another door.  She was about to dash across the way to the elevator, when the door on her right opened.  A man stepped out, when he noticed Aki his faced quickly turned to a mask of surprise.
"Oh, shit." he said.
Aki wasted no time bringing her knife up for a slash at his neck.  The man blocked the blow with his hand, forcing Aki to recover.  As she looked through the doorway past the man she saw another room.  Inside was another a man and a solitary desk, at which Hask Mamund was sitting.  Hask nearly fell out of his chair upon seeing Aki, he scrambled out of the room through a door behind his desk.
"Don't just stand there, shoot that bitch!" he yelled at the two men as he closed the door behind him.  Aki still in the doorway near the hall, continued to struggle with the henchman blocking her way.  She ended the struggle with another slash to the neck with her Kukri knife.  The man collapsed to the floor, clutching his neck, gurgling blood.

A thug, not unlike the two that Aki just
The second thug standing beside the desk, let loose a total of four darts.  All of which buried themselves harmlessly in the sheetrock walls around the doorway.  As Aki's Speedware deactivated she ran through the doorway, over the corpse of the other thug.  Delivering a kick to the thug's face.  It connected with ferocious force, putting his head through the sheet-rock.  With the sickening crunch of breaking bone, that Aki assumed was the man's neck breaking.  Aki looked over to the desk and saw her misplaced possessions.  Her smartgun, her phone, her wad of cash, her smart-glasses and the keys to her motorcycle.  She quickly collected her belongings and was about to follow Hask through the door.

That's when the door once again opened.  Out stepped Rinchen, standing in front of Hask.  In such a way that she covered all of his vital areas except his head and right arm.  Hask had a small pistol pointed a Rinchen's temple.
"Rinchen!" said Aki taking a step forward.
"That's far enough Aki.  You take one more step and I'll blow this bitch's brains out." threatened Hask.


Overall I thought this was a pretty good session.  After the disaster that was last session, with Aki getting feathered by sleeping needles.  I felt that I needed to have a way for Aki to get out there.  Having her wake up in a room with a guard and potential access to one of her weapons.  Seemed like an ideal way to get her out of a bad situation.  She'd have the resources to accomplish it, but have to earn her freedom.  The fight with Korjata went for a lot longer than I had initially thought it would.  This was probably the first time that Aki'd fought an NPC that wasn't a minion.  So from a mechanical standpoint it was a great opportunity, to see how that played out.  Just as I thought, having proper NPCs with full hit-boxes makes for a moderately tough fight.  Like the kind you see in an action movie where the hero fights the second-in-command before fighting the big boss.  

Well that's it as far as observations go.  If you liked this actual play be sure to follow, +1, reshare and comment.  Until next time may the dice be ever in your favour and have a good day.

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