Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player: Session 2 - Came Childe Aki to the Dark Tower

Today we had our second session of the Cyberpunk Single-Player Campaign.  The first session which we played online.   You can find part one of the first session here, the second part here. We started late by about an hour and wasted about another forty minutes, as I tried to guide my player through Roll20's character sheet interface.  Until we decided to stop messing around with the Nightmare from Tech Support (if anyone knows why my player can't edit her character sheet, please don't hesitate to comment).

When we last left our heroine Aki she was standing in her trashed apartment.  Only just having gotten off the phone with Hask Mamund, the pimp she had once had a one-night stand with.  Who had not minutes ago admitted to kidnapping Aki's girlfriend Rinchen.  He'd offered an ultimatum, either Aki return the chip-hop star Rylee O'Neal (who Hask had kidnapped in order to attract high paying clients) or Rinchen would have to take her place.  The icy terror Aki had once felt, had now sparked into a burning rage!  "That little shit!  I'm gonna fuckin' kill that bastard!" She dashed out of her ransacked apartment to her Mitsubishi Cyber-controlled motorcycle.  If she'd been smart and calm about it she might have prepared or hired some help.  No such voices of caution entered her mind as she sped through the rain to the location, that Hask had specified.
The apartment building that Aki found herself outside of.

  It was a rundown apartment building, about nine stories tall.  There were about eight joy-girls, prostitutes loitering in front of the building.  Crowding together in two groups of four, smoking, shivering in the light rain pour, shooting the breeze.  Standing by the door was a thuggish looking man that Aki assumed was either their handler or a lookout.  Aki considered shooting the man right then and their to save herself some trouble.  Perhaps disperse the whores, so they wouldn't get caught in the inevitable fire-fight.  She thought better of it, the ride over had calmed her down somewhat.  At least enough that she would second-guess her first impulses.  Maybe it'd be better just to stroll in like she owned the place, like she belonged there.  Just walk through the front door, if this was Hask's place of business.  Then clients would be walking in and out all the time.  She could just pose as one of them, it was 2060 for crying out loud.  Female johns weren't unheard of.  She did just walking up to the building liked she belonged there.

It worked, the man at the door ignored her.  While one of the woman loitering around approached her.  "Hey sweet thing, looking for a good time."  Aki stopped for a moment, considering her words before she answered.  "I'm looking for the...right kind of girl.  Long black hair, dark skin.  Got anyone like her?" Aki was hoping to get some information on Rinchen's whereabouts, maybe one of the joy-girls had seen Hask and his goons bring her in.  Another woman stepped forward fitting the exact description that Aki had just given, but it wasn't Rinchen.  "I don't usually munch carpet, you got the money toots."  Aki's attempt at getting information out of the hookers had backfired.
"Actually I'm looking for someone... the business?  Someone very new!  Know anyone...fitting that description."  she felt a little awkward about the misunderstanding.
"What're you saying that I ain't clean bitch!" the joy girl's face, which had once been open to the prospect of money if not the clientele.  Morphed into an indignant mask.
"Woah, woah, woah Miss!  That is NOT what I said.  I'm just looking for something specific. Very specific.  But I'll come back to you if I don't find it, okay?  See you later."  The whole thing had gotten more outta hand than Aki had been hoping.  The lookout who had previously ignored her was now looking in her direction.  She tried to salvage her attempt to just walk right through the front door.  Nonchalantly walking away from the joy-girl (who was still cursing at her), past the man at the door.

That's when the lookout stuck his foot out, tripping Aki and causing her to do a face-plant.  (Let me give you a view of the mechanical side of what happened here.  The player wanted to walk right past the lookout like it was nothing.  So I had her roll Aki's Reflex versus the Lookout's Awareness/Notice.  She rolled a fumble, which resulted in a 6 on the fumble table.  Which indicated that she failed miserably, taking a point of minor damage, from a sprain, fall or stumble.  It was kind of hard to justify it until I came up with the idea of the Lookout getting a trip in since he noticed her attempt walk past him).
The lookout that Aki tried to walk past.
"Where do you think you're going bitch?  No one gets in without buying one of the girls first."
That was it, Aki'd had enough of this.  She rolled over onto her back fast drawing her pistol and fired a shot at the rude-mouthed thug.  He never knew what hit him as the base-exploder round hit him right in the torso.  Just before it made a gory hole in him the size of a teacup in his ribcage.  There was the report of gun and then the louder concussive sound, that almost drowned out the screams of the joy-girls before they ran for cover.  The lookout staggered back and then collapsed forward in the light rain.  Not that far from where Aki now lay on her back.

There was no time to lose!  Aki leaped up and ran through the front door.  She came into the lobby and saw three men.  Two thugs not unlike the one she had killed outside.  One ducked behind a group of Video Poker/Slot Machines, while the other took cover beside the front desk.  Behind the front desk there cowered a man of Middle-Eastern descent, interfaced with some manner of electronic device.  (Unbeknownst to the player or Aki this was Wali Mamund.  Hask Mamund's younger brother and the Spider for Hask's organization, who tracked the joy-girls' implanted RFID chips as well as the building's security.  The electronic device was his Cyberdeck, but Aki couldn't tell that in the heat of combat).  Aki swiftly ducked behind another group of Video Poker/Slot Machines.  Only for the left side of her face to be feathered by two darts, the effects of which were almost immediate.  She was overcome with a wave of drowsiness, another two darts implanted themselves in her other cheek.  Her vision blurred and the ugly carpet on the floor was a lot closer than she thought it'd been originally.  Then everything went black.


This session was a lot shorter than I'd originally planned for it to be.  We started late and wasted forty minutes teaching the player how to use Roll20.  (Hindsight, probably should have had a separate session where we figured that out first).  Things went sideways for Aki this time, right from her initial interactions with the Joy-Girls and the Lookout.  Only for her to barge into a lobby and be turned into a pincushion by two thugs armed with Needle-Guns (loaded with sleeping drugs I might add).  The player ended up rolling last in the initiative order (which can be fatal in Cyberpunk 2020) if those guards had had their Biot-Toxin needles loaded things could have gone way worse.  The plan is to continue next Wednesday, so we'll find out what happens to poor Aki then.  Until then be sure to +1, comment and re-share.  May the dice be ever in your favour and have a good day.

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