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Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player: Session 1 - Hollywood Whore Part 2

This is part two of the Actual Play Report for the first session in my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player campaign.  You can find Part 1 here.  Without further ado, let's dive back into the Cyberpunk future of 2060 and find out what Aki gets herself into.  When we left our hero she had just gotten through dispatching two goons.  That had tried to drag away a masked woman who had tried to ask Aki for help.

A little late to the party Szychta Granica's bartender snatched up the sawed-off shotgun, that he kept under the bar.  The bulky man levelled the weapon towards Aki.  "You need to leave."  He moved the gun slightly towards the masked woman.  "Take your friend with you." he added.  "Sure thing." Aki said, a quiet day of drinking ruined by the two men she had just killed.  One dispatched by her trusty Kukri knife, the other by a back-breaking Judo throw.  She glanced back at the masked woman, gently wrapping a hand around her wrist.  The woman allowed herself to be led out of Granica, outside into the light rain.  "I guess we ought to go somewhere to talk." offered Aki as she started walking down the street.  Having let go of the masked woman's wrist since, she figured enough time had passed for the shock to have worn off.  She glanced back in her charge's direction.  Who stood still.  Her head moving in such a way that even with the breath mask, Aki could tell she was weighing her options.  Whether to stay with this stranger who had just killed two men as if it was nothing.  Or to take her chances on her own in the urban jungle of the Sprawl.  She looked back to Aki, clearly having made up her mind.  The pair walked off in the rain together.  Aki leading the way.

Aki bought two cups of soy joe, at an outdoor coffee shop she knew in the area.  It was a ramshackle affair, set up in an abandoned parking lot.  Stolen tables covered by ripped parasols that did a somewhat adequate job at keeping the rain off.  The ersatz coffee was passable, but was sewage compared to the real thing.  She set one of the recyclable paper cups in front of her masked companion and sat down at her side of the table.  "So you said you needed my help with something?"
"Y-y-yes.  I need to get in touch with someone." the mask still distorting her speech.
"This someone have a name?"
"T-Tanya Sandhu."
"Never heard of her."
"She's a Manager at Volante Media Global."
That last part gave Aki something to think about.  Volante was an International Media Corporation, with branches all over the damn world.  That this stuttering slip of a girl in a breath mask and hobo chic knew someone involved with them, was somewhat unbelievable.
"She's the one that you said could pay, right?" Aki arched her eyebrow.
"Y-y-yes.  I-I-I'm sure she will.  I just need to get in touch with her." the girl shook like a leaf, under Aki's interrogation.

Aki still doubted the validity of the girl's promise of money.  On the other hand though what did she stand to lose other than her time.  Besides money had been tight around the apartment for a while now.  If the girl's story checked out and this Tanya Sandhu would really pay, it'd be easy money in Aki's pocket.  Now she just had to figure out a way to get in touch with her.  If Volante was anything like her old employers at Caine Processed Foods, they would have a website with contact information.  Aki pulled out her phone and searched the Volante Media Global website.  The site itself was easy enough to find.  Navigating it was another story.  For a company that was supposed to provide their customers with information, their website left something to be desired.  The layout was horrible, it took Aki forever to find the page on contact information.  Even when she did find the page, she couldn't figure out the byzantine methods of contact.  Volante Media Global was one of those companies that couldn't just a have one simple way of getting in contact with them.
(On the mechanical side of things, I had the player roll a Difficult Intelligence Check to find a way to contact Tanya Sandhu.  I thought if I had just said Aki immediately found the information, it would have been too easy.  Unfortunately for use the player didn't roll low enough and failed the roll).

Frustrated by the seemingly impossible task of finding a number for this Tanya Sandhu.  Aki put her phone away.  She'd already wasted enough time on this wild goose chase.  She wasn't going to get anywhere without a further investment of time and cred.  What if it turned out that this Sandhu woman didn't pay like the girl said she would?  It was too much risk for the word of a nervous wreck in a breath mask.  "Well sorry kid, I gave it my best.  Looks like you're on your own now."
"I can't get in contact with Sandhu character and you clearly don't have any money.  Which means I've wasted more than enough time on you.  See you around."
With that Aki got up from the table, her ears deaf to the distorted pleas of the girl.  She left the parking lot that'd been turned into a coffee shop and walked off into the rain.

Hask Mamund, skin trader and a former
friend with benefits of Aki's.  Until he
wanted to be more than just friends.
Namely her pimp.
Aki made her way back towards her apartment.  The potential job had turned out to be a bust, so she was going home empty-handed.  Hopefully by the time she got home, Rinchen would have finished up her meeting with her client.  Then they could spend the rest of the day together.  Her daydream was interrupted by her cellphone ringing.  The screen said unknown caller, she pushed a button and held the phone up to her ear.
"Who is this?"
"Aki, baby long time no see." said the honeyed voice on the other end.
It was a voice she instantly recognized, one she had hoped to never hear again as long as she lived.  It was the voice of Hask Mamund.  An icy feeling crept up the back of Aki's neck as only one fearful thought demanded in her mind.  How the hell did he get this number?

She'd met Hask not that long after she and Rinchen had left the Company.  It had been a very stressful time for her, they hadn't exactly settled into life on the street.  She had constantly had to play the role of protector in the relationship and it had begun to get to her.  She'd started having one night stands on the side.  Always with men, she'd considered sleeping with any woman other than Rinchen to be cheating.   Hask had started out just like many of the other one night stands.  Just a way to relieve stress, with no strings attached.  Until the one night became multiple nights and no strings attached became a goddamn puppet show.  If she'd known that Hask was a pimp, she never would've never have gotten involved with him.  She'd only found out one night after sex, when he'd propositioned her.  Work for him and she'd earn.  She'd gotten dressed that faster than she'd ever in her life.  If that was the end of the story, it would have just been an unpleasant episode in her life.  That she would have gotten over.  A couple of days after that Hask confronted her with two goons and tried to kidnap her.  Apparently Aki had been too fine a piece of merchandise to let walk away.  She dealt with two goons no problem, but in the ensuing scuffle Hask cut and run.  She hadn't seen him since, to be safe though she had Rinchen and herself move house.  Just in case Hack decided to track her down.  

Now talking on the phone with him a couple years later, it looked like he had done just that.  The smart move would have been to hang up the phone right that instant.  Instead she decided to figure out what this was about.
"What do you want?" she asked.
"You killed two of my guys and cost me a valuable piece of merchandise."
"That was two years ago!"
"No it was more like two hours ago."
That's when it clicked.  This wasn't about before it was about the girl now.  If Aki played her cards right she could come out of this smelling like money.
"See Aki I'd like to make a little deal."
"I'm listening."
"I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.  You killed two of my guys and lost me the best investment I've made in the past three months.  If you bring me back the little bitch, I'll forget this ever happened and you can walk away 8000 credits richer."
"Alright 10,000."
"This ain't open to negotiation Aki.  You'll take the eight and bring the girl outside Granica unless you want your ass taking her place.  Which hey is fine with me, I don't know about you." he laughed that smarmy sounding laugh of his.
"8000's fine."
"Pleasure doing business with you." with that he hung up and Aki was left in the pouring rain holding her phone to her ear.

She took off running back towards the coffee shop, where she'd last seen the girl.  Just like Aki'd feared she was already gone.  Frack.  Need to calm down, she couldn't have gone far.  Ask around, maybe someone knows where she went.  She headed over to the makeshift stand where she'd earlier bought two cups of soy coffee for herself and her meal ticket.  She asked the man behind the counter,
"Hey, you see a girl with a breath mask here earlier?"
"Depends, who's asking?"
"I am." replied Aki reaching into her pocket to pull out a 50 and sliding it across the counter to the opportunistic barista.  He pocketed the 50.
"Yeah I saw her, she asked me for directions to a place to stay."
"You know it's a funny thing I can't remember." he put on a confused look that wasn't fooling anyone.
"Son of a-" began Aki before reaching into her pocket again.
"You're only getting a 10 and nothing more.  Now tell me where the hell she went."
"Cheapskate, a coffin hotel a couple blocks from here." he gave Aki the name and directions.
As she walked away she muttered in her native Japanese "Baka-yaro." frustrated over the loss 60 credits from a guy who served coffee for a living.

A coffin hotel like the one Aki found the girl outside of, it
probably looked a lot dirtier and more futuristic than this one.
The coffin hotel was right where the man said it would be.  So at least the credits weren't wasted.  Aki was pleasantly surprised that the girl was there as well.  Sitting just outside of entrance, with her knees against her chest.  The mask made it difficult to tell, but to Aki it looked like she was sobbing.  The girl's first instinct had probably been to get off the street and out of the rain.  A good instinct.  Only ineffective in that she clearly had no money to pay for shelter.  Not even a lowly coffin-hotel the last refuge of the desperate and homeless.

"There you are, I've been looking all over for you."  the girl looked up at Aki standing over her.  "I thought it over and figured we could try finding this Tanya person another shot.  I know some people, who might be able to help us.  Come on let's get out of here."  The girl took a couple seconds to think about, but followed Aki, clearly not liking her other option.  It was stupid of the girl to trust Aki, but Aki didn't care.  So what if the girl was too trusting, to Aki she was just a meal ticket.  She'd make another attempt at finding Tanya Sandhu and if that didn't work out.  She'd just hand the girl over to Hask.  If he was willing to pay 8000 credits to get her back, Aki could only imagine what this Sandhu woman would pay.  Besides Hask was scum, if Aki didn't have to put up with him to make a living.  So much the better.

They made their way up the stairs of Aki's apartment building.  Passing someone that Aki assumed was a client's of Rinchen's, flanked by two bodyguards.  Aki gave a nod of acknowledgement before continuing her way up to the apartment.  Opening the door she found Rinchen talking with two of her team members.  Including the one that Aki was hoping would still be here.  Rinchen's hacker or rather the guy who ran simulation programs for Rinchen's money laundering business.  Either way he was someone who knew his way around the Net better than Aki did.  "Hey," she said in the direction of the programmer "you want a job?"
"Depends on what it is."
"25 credits for an hour's work, figure out how to get in touch with Tanya Sandhu at Volante Media Global."
She had said an hour, but the programmer got her in touch in under 15 minutes.  To add icing to the cake he had scrambled it so that unless they really wanted to trace the call, Volante wouldn't be able to track it back to her.

Picking up her phone Aki waited.  There was a voice at the other end of the line.  "Hello."
"Is this Tanya Sandhu?"
"Yes it is.  Who is this?"
"Someone who knows someone who wants to talk to you."
With that she handed the phone over to the girl in the breath mask.  The girl looked around like she wanted to take the call in private.  Aki pointed to bathroom, which the girl darted into closing the door and locking it behind her.  Wouldn't do her much good though, Aki of all people knew that nothing in this damn apartment was sound proof.  She leaned against the thin door and began to listen in on the conversation.

"Tanya it's me, Rylee."
That gave Aki some pause.  She only knew one Rylee in relation to Volante Media Global and that
Rylee O'Neal the big chip-hop star.  A screenshot taken from
a movie where she was brought in as a celebrity to make it sell.
You know how sometimes movies will bring in musicians or
athletes who've never acted in their lives and cast them in lead
roles.  That's essentially what this movie was.
was Rylee O'Neal, the famous chip-hop star.  She was real popular with the kids these days.  At least she had been until about two or three months ago, when she suddenly disappeared.  Until now no one was sure who was responsible.  A Volante spokesperson had come out and said they suspected a rival firm, but didn't say which.  (Couldn't risk being accused of anything libellous).  Guess they'd been wrong though and Hask had been holding Rylee this whole time.  It'd been big news when the starlet disappeared from the premiere show of her Homecoming Tour (she was from the Northern Sprawl originally, but moved to the SoCal Sprawl after hitting it big) at the Blue Jays Stadium in the Toronto District.  Now it got brought up again every once in while, on a slow news day.  Aki had stumbled upon the best meal ticket of her whole life.
The conversation between Rylee and Sandhu continued.  Aki couldn't hear Sandhu's side of it, but she could hear Rylee's side of it loud and clear.
"No I'm alright...I'm safe.  I'm not a hostage...not anymore."
The conversation was cut short as Rylee started making sounds, that Aki recognized as crying.  It was impossible to believe that this shy, sobbing girl talking on the phone in her bathroom.  Had at one point been an idol, that went on stage and performed in front of thousands.  The weeks in Hask's captivity had really played a number on her psyche.  Aki doubted she would ever recover from it and for a moment she worried if that would make it impossible to make money off of selling her back to Volante Media Global.  After some incoherent conversation between the sobbing, Aki finally heard the next useful piece of information.  "A-a-alright I'll put her on."

Aki jumped back from the door just as it opened and made like she hadn't been listening to the whole conversation.  The masked girl now identified as chip-hop sensation Rylee O'Neal handed the phone back to Aki.  Putting it to her ear Aki heard the voice on the other end.  "I take it you're the one I have to thank for this."
"That's about right."
"Meet me outside of Tabara's Fashion Boutique in an hour.  Bring the girl, you'll be sufficiently rewarded."  With that there was a click and Aki was holding a phone to her ear with no one on the other end.

Aki left the apartment with Rylee in tow,  they hopped on Aki's Mitsubishi Kaneda Cyberbike and were off.  The bike wasn't really meant to (safely) carry a passenger other than its driver.  Aki didn't really care though, she was a good rider and wasn't really worried about a ticket.  Tabara's was in a more moderate zone of the Sprawl, an area not unlike the neighbourhood that Aki currently lived in.  It had been recently gentrified, so that it was safe for low to mid-level corporates could come here on their days off.  Compared to the empty streets of Aki's own neighbourhood, the place was swarming of pedestrians.  Tabara's was part of a mall area, it was close to one of the open areas where the benches for tired shoppers.  It was an open space and there were a lot of civilians around.  This Sandhu chick obviously knew what the hell she was doing.  Since they had arrived a few minutes earlier than they'd been supposed to Aki did a little window shopping.  Tabara's it turned out was a place that specialized in clothing in style reminiscent of traditional African tribal designs.  Not exactly Aki's thing, but she saw a few pieces that she thought Rinchen might like.
Something like the mall where Aki and Rylee met Tanya.

Checking her phone Aki saw that it was about time for Sandhu to have shown up to retrieve Rylee.  She looked around the area and saw a woman approaching them.  Aki figured her for Tanya Sandhu.  She was a woman of (Aki wanted to say) Indian descent.  She dressed in a suit, the style of which was all the rage among corporates these days.  Her blouse was open enough that if sexual harassment was still a viable way of taking a corporation for some easy money.  Tanya Sandhu would have been trying to game the system for all it was worth.  On one of her breasts Aki could make out a Yakuza style tattoo of a viper of some kind.

She spoke with a refinement to the local slang that suggested that she wasn't used to using it.  "So you're the mystery woman on the phone then?"
"Yeah, that'd be me.  So how do you want to handle this?"
"You hand the girl over first and I give you the money."
"I can live with that."  It'd be better not to demand the money first, Aki'd seen one to many deals go south, because someone demanded to be paid first.  Handing Rylee over first was an act of good faith that she hoped would ensure Tanya to act in kind.  She signalled to Rylee to move towards Tanya.  She didn't seem to need to be asked twice.  She practically flung herself at Tanya, as if she was relieved to see a familiar (and friendly) face after all these weeks.  She started sobbing on Tanya's shoulder, while Tanya gave the usual comforting gestures.  That Aki recognized as someone just doing what the job demanded of them.  She had done similar comforting on a number of occasions.  It was someone trying to convince a person they cared, but still remain detached in case they had to cut them loose.

Having sufficiently comforted the distraught (former I guess) chip-hop star.  Tanya reached into her suit jacket and pulled out a stack of bills, handing them over to Aki.  Aki counted them it came out to about 2000 credits, significantly less than she'd been hoping for.
"What the hell is this?" she demanded.
"If I were you I'd take it and go.  If I wanted to I could have four members of my security team shoot you right now.  I'd get out while the getting's good."  Tanya didn't look like she was bluffing about the security team, Aki couldn't figure out where they were, but she didn't doubt their existence.  The corporate double-crosser started leading the sobbing starlet away.  Before she stopped and turned back to look at Aki.
"Unless you'd be interested in doing a little job for me." she left that sentence opened ended.
"I'm listening."
"I assume you know who did this."
"Yeah, I know the prick."
"I want you to kill him and anyone involved in this.  You'll get 15000 credits upon completion."
"I can do that, with pleasure."
Tanya reached once again into her suit jacket and pulled out a business card.  Handing it to Aki,
"Call that number when it's done."
With that Tanya and Rylee walked off into the crowd, leaving Aki standing outside of the fashion boutique.

It was better than Aki could have hoped for.  Sure she hadn't made as much as she had hoped to handing Rylee back over to Volante.  She had walked away with her life, 2000 credits and an offer of another 15000 for killing Hask.  Hask was someone she would be happy to kill, it was killing two birds with one stone so to speak.  She bought a tie for Rinchen at Tabara's and headed home on her Kaneda.  She was heading back up to her and Rinchen's apartment, when she came upon it's kicked in door.

The scene that greeted Aki at her apartment.  Taken right from
the TV Tropes page for this classic scene.  Ignore Harrison
Ford and the other guy in the foreground.
Oh no.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!  She ran pressed against the wall, pulling out her Sig Sauer P-210-2 clone.  She made an initial sweep of the apartment finding nothing in the ransacked living and bedrooms.  All she knew was that Rinchen was gone and she had pretty good idea of who did it.  Like clockwork, as if Hask had someone sitting on the apartment telling him when she'd arrived.  Her phone began to ring.  She wasted no time in answering.
"Hask you piece of-" she began.
"Now let me stop you right there, bitch.  We had a deal, you bring me the girl and I give you the money.  Well I don't fucking see her, so I thought it was time to give you a little more incentive."
"I swear to God if you hurt her..."
"Nothing will happen to her, as long as you bring me that bitch.  Also Aki baby, I haven't told her about us.  Yet."  That last part sent a shiver up her spine. "Though I might tell her if you don't hurry up and bring me the girl.  You have 24 hours otherwise me and your little friend are going to have some fun."  He told her where to bring Rylee (who Aki no longer had) and then the line went dead.

That's where our session ended, I had to pack up and leave soon after we played out that little cliff-hanger.  Overall I think it was a pretty good session.  The one combat we ran this session went a lot more smoothly than I expected it to.  The minions proved to be next to useless against Aki.  Though that was kind of meant to be the point of them for that particular scene.  Aki's player did a great job at staying in character (except when she had to ask out of character questions) while she felt sympathy for the character Rylee.  She would often state that Aki didn't really feel anything of the sort.  She also had the expected reaction towards Hask, she absolutely despised him.  She also became very attached to Rinchen (Aki's lover for those of you who don't remember) and all I did was narrate a brief scene of the two of them having breakfast.  (I actually recommend trying this some time in your own games.  Have an NPC make a meal for the PCs without charging them.  Probably best if you do this somewhere other than an inn.  See what their reactions are).  

I had a number of paths for how this could go in my head.  I placed a high amount of money in front of Aki's player to see if she'd make an immoral choice.  Then I placed a moral choice with a smaller chance of payoff, which had an opportunity to evolve into a more difficult job with a high payoff.  I wanted to simulate something I've seen in some Noir (a huge inspiration to Cyberpunk) where the job is the simple part.  The difficult part is dealing with the fallout afterwards.  The fallout in this case being the "villain" kidnapping the "hero's" love interest in hopes of drawing them out.  The player reacted quite well to Rinchen's kidnapping (by well I mean they were distraught).  We're hoping to continue the game after Labour Day, after the player moves into her new apartment and starts her new semester at college.  Until then be sure to +1, reshare, comment and follow.  Have a good day and may the dice be ever in your favour.    

Edit: Session 2's Actual Play Report is now up, you can read it here.

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Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player: Session 1 - Hollywood Whore Part 1

I promised in a previous post to write an actual play report for my Cyberpunk 2020 Single-Player Campaign.  When I finally got around to it.  Well that day has come, I finally managed to get my schedule in line that I was able to run the campaign for my solitary player.  So here it goes the actual play report of the first session in my Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.

A picture drawn by Aki's player, of Aki and
her girlfriend Rinchen together.  The player
is a fan of the Anime art style.
Our story begins in an apartment somewhere in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor.  A massive metropolitan expanse that has morphed dozens of Canadian cities, into one sprawling mega-city.  (For which I do not have a pithy nickname, any suggestions on that front would be appreciated).  It is a small two-room affair, made up of a messy bedroom and a combination living room/kitchenette.  Added to this a small bathroom.  This is the apartment of Ikari Kanako, known on the streets as Aki.  A Street Samurai, jack of all trades.  Capable of anything from contract killing to body guarding.  Aki shares the apartment with her girlfriend/fiancee/common law wife/it's complicated Rinchen.  A freelance money launderer for various criminal interests.      

I kicked off this session with an establishing scene, mostly about Aki and Rinchen's domestic life.  I quickly learned that it was easier to establish Aki's player's connection to Rinchen than I thought it would be.  Turns out the way to a role-players heart is through their stomach.  I had only given given Rinchen points in cooking, because I figured someone in their relationship should be able to cook something other than kibble or pre-pak.  Shortly after the little domestic episode, I had the character leave the apartment.  Having previously established that Rinchen had a meeting with her crew of money-launderers and a potential client.  Aki always leaves the apartment when clients visit.  Since they tend to get nervous, when a known contract killer hangs around the place.  It's not exactly good for business relations.

So Aki stepped out of the self-sufficient apartment building (All it's water is collected by rain-fall, it's powered by solar panels and wind turbines.  While vegetables are raised hydroponically and rats are bred for consumption in the basement.) into the light downpour.  Her nostrils assaulted by a scent of hydraulic oil, which clung to her nostrils for a while as she walked along.  Somewhere off in the distance a car alarm blared, someone was earning their daily bread.  Aki strolled down the sidewalk, every street sign she passed, graffitied with gang-tags, rendering them useless to any motorists in the area.    

Her destination was Granica a bar that she frequented whenever she got kicked out of the house.  It was a four-story building, the first two floors comprising the bar proper.  While the remaining supposed served as the owner's residence and a place he was rumoured to make deals out of.  On the roof there rested an automated anti-drone system.  The kills of which provided much cred for the scavengers lucky enough to find the downed drones first.  Aki walked into the bar, frequented by Street Samurai and the Fixers seeking to make a living off of them.   Behind the bar stood Szychta the bulky Polish owner with his shaved head, grey suit and sombre face.  Drinking from a glass ordered by a customer trying to meet the one drink requirement with no intention of consuming it.  Aki would often sit at the bar and watch for hours as Szychta drank, drinks that his customers refused and never seemed to be affected by alcohol.  The man seemed immune to any liquor of any origin in any quantity.

Aki propped herself up at her usual spot at the bar.  Just below the stairs, facing the front door.  Ordered a shot of tequila, ordering a replacement about every hour or so.  Alternating between, attempting to make conversation with the closemouthed Szychta and fiddling around on her phone.  After finishing her third shot of tequila, Aki looked up to see a strange figure enter the bar.  A woman, judging by the way she carried herself and just some things that Bag Lady Chic clothing and a full facial breath mask couldn't hide.  The woman in the breath mask wove her way through the bar, scanning the place in an obvious way.  (Breath masks tend to play hell on peripheral vision).  She noticeably kept her distance from the tables and booths where there were men sitting.  (A large part of the clientele).  Then the eyes of the mask turned in Aki's direction, either resting on Aki or someone or something behind her.  (The mask made it very hard to tell).  The woman in the breath mask proceeded to walk towards Aki and then sat down on an empty stool next to her.
Roughly what the woman in the breath mask looked like.
Minus the futuristic headphones. 
"I need help." said the woman her voice distorted through the breath mask, but not enough that Aki couldn't hear the apprehension in her voice.  "What with?" Aki inquired.  "I...I need to get in contact with someone."
"Can you pay?" 
"The person I'm trying to get in contact with..." the woman's voice trailed off as if she wasn't used to negotiating these sort of things.  
"...she can pay, a lot.  I just need to get in contact with her."  
Before Aki could a say anything affirming consent or dissent, a hand reached out and violently grabbed the masked woman on the shoulder.  The hand turned the masked woman's body around to face it's owner.  

Hitler's wet dream with a mohawk, dressed in a long duster of the style worn by Edge-runner wannabe punks.  Behind him was a bulkier man of some manner of African descent.  Dressed entirely in black denim, his top a sleeveless jacket that showed off his two cyber arms.  Chromed a glossy black, like obsidian.  The blond mohawk was the first to speak.  "There you are you little bitch!" as he forcefully grabbed the masked woman's other shoulder and pulled up to a standing position off the barstool.  "You're ass is coming with us!"  He spoke the Sprawl's pidgin with a Germanic accent.  The masked woman struggled against her captor's grip, but she clearly wasn't as strong as he was.  It was now the other man's turn to speak.  "There's no point in struggling, just come quietly."  He was clearly the good cop the duo's, good cop/bad cop arrangement.

They two began to leave, the Aryan ideal dragging the still struggling masked woman.  While his friend with the chromed arms led the way towards the door.  Aki only had a few seconds to make her decision.  She could let these two haul the woman off and go back to her drink.  Or step in and play the hero.  Her decision was made as fast as she had stood up from the bar.  Drawing her kukri knife, rushing forward and slashing the side of the blond mohawk's neck.  His jugular was severed by the knife and blood sprayed out in a geyser of red, covering his once pristine duster.  As well as the woman he had been dragging, who screamed at the sight of her captor's gory demise.  The man with the obsidian arms yelled "Fritz!" seemingly in surprise at his comrades death.  Not hesitating for long he rushed forward throwing his right chromed fist at where Aki had been.  She had anticipated the attack and sidestepped rather easily.  He followed up with a left, which Aki again dodged without breaking a sweat.  In desperation he threw another right, an attack that Aki turned the momentum of against her opponent.  Using a Judo Throw she slammed her attacker onto the floor, where he landed on his back.  Though usually used for sporting purposes, with enough force and the right circumstances the throw could be lethal.  Which was the case in this particular instance, as Aki looked down at the dilated eyes of her defeated opponent.  She had executed the oft-pratcied technique in a way that ensured that if the man wasn't dead, he would have been crippled for the rest of his life.  She had accomplished all of this without even activating her Speedware.

Pretty close to what the guy with the blonde
mohawk looked like, before Aki opened his
(A note on the mechanical side of this fight.  I ruled that Aki had caught the man with the Blond Mohawk by surprise, as he was busy dealing with the masked woman.  The player had decided to use her Kukri Knife on him, which killed him in one hit.  Both of these thugs were minions with only four hit boxes, a house rule that implemented for the purposes of this campaign.  The man with the chromed cyber-arms decided to attack three times earning a -3 penalty for each additional attempted strike.  I figured if I were in this situation I'd try to get as many hits in against my opponent as I could.  It didn't work out for him and the player decided to end the fight with a Judo Throw.  Killing him in one blow.  The player expressed some sorrow over killing the second man.  Saying that he seemed like an interesting character, because he decided to use reasoning and soft words instead of threats.  When the two first arrived on the scene.  Over the course of this fight the player managed to roll 5 critical hits in a row.  If I'm lying I hope to hit by lightning, it actually happened.  The roll that killed the second man wasn't as impressive but he managed to roll a Critical Failure.  So Aki defeated him handily.  The player described it as the perfect first episode fight.  Like the kind you see in Anime, where the main character defeats a bunch of low-level mooks.  Establishing how awesome they are).

The session didn't end there, but after that fight we took a break for pizza.  So this seems to be the logical place to end this post, since it has gotten rather long.  I plan right the continuation later in a later post.  So be on the lookout for that.  Until then, be sure to comment, +1 and re-share.  May you the dice ever be in your favour.  

Edit: Part Two of this Session is now up, you can find it here.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Forest of Dean: An Outlaw Campaign During the Anarchy of England

To start with this campaign idea owes a lot of credit to an unusual sourcebook.  Robin Hood for the Rolemaster RPG.  The book is a resource for the Rolemaster RPG that primarily focuses on playing Outlaws during the Norman rule of England.  Covering from the rule of William the Conqueror to the death of John Lackland.  The book gives a great deal of information on running games in this time period and provides two example campaigns.  One is called Robin i' the Hood and is essentially the standard fare of the legend.  Set during the Prince John's rule while his brother Richard the Lionheart is away on crusade.  I personally didn't care for this campaign, because it has the player's playing second fiddle to Robin and his band.  What piqued my interest the most was the other setting offered. The Forest of Dean, set during the Anarchy of England.
The aforementioned book.

For those of you not familiar with English medieval History.  The Anarchy is the time during which Stephen of Blois, Count of Boulogne a powerful nobleman in France, Normandy and England.  Seized control of the English Throne from his cousin Empress Maude, daughter of King Henry the First.  Overall the time is referred to as the Anarchy, during which nobles warred with one another to either support their preferred candidate or simply to line their own pockets during the chaos.  It went on for the better part of 19 years, without anything resembling law and order.  As such the English living under their Norman oppressors suffered greatly.  (If you've ever read the Cadfael Chronicles or seen the TV show with Derek Jacobi this is the time it takes place in).  It is a time during which the common people are in great need of heroes.  That's where the players come in.

They are outlaws, men declared by the King's justice to be outside the protection of the laws of the land.  Any man may kill them and it will not be considered murder.  If they are captured they will face the very sentence that drove them into outlawry in the first place.  Only a royal pardon can remove the brand of being outlawed.  With the country embroiled in Civil War (contradiction of terms) they'll have to decide which claimant to the throne they want to back (if any).  Will they prey upon their fellow Englishman or will they fight against Norman tyranny, (wait for the cliche) by robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

Getting Down to the Brass Tacks

Ordinarily I wouldn't try to run a campaign like this using a D20 system.  Today I've been taken by a sort of madness and have decided to go against my better judgement.  This game will be using a low-magic variant of either the Pathfinder Ruleset or D&D 5E.  A lot of what I write in this post will be geared towards Pathfinder (because I actually own the Core Books for that system), but could easily be used for D&D 5E.  The reason I'm thinking of running this as low-magic campaign set in our Middle Ages (rather than a straight historical one) is to appeal to wider variety of players.  D20 systems are usually what most Role-players start out on, as such most understand the concept of rolling a d20 and adding a modifier.  Personally I've always found magic too overused and relied on in role-playing games.  The problem is you can't appeal to a wide variety of players if you remove magic entirely.  Magic (and other fantasy elements) are a big part of why people play these games.  I'll be listing below some necessary changes that will have to be made to system to run my vision of this game. 

One of the candidates for this game's system.
The other contender.

Races: Sorry to say we won't be playing anything but boring old humans in this game.  To fit in with the setting of Medieval England.  In place of Race the characters' cultures will be playing a more prominent role in this campaign.  Chances are the players will be playing one of the following three cultures.  Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Welsh.  Saxon characters will most likely be in the majority with Welsh characters being a close second.  As the campaign is set around the Forest of Dean (which in turn is close to Monmouth, Gloucester and Hereford) which is close to the Welsh Border.  Norman characters will be rare as a Norman could only be outlawed for a crime against the King.  When it comes to starting Languages the players will get their native tongue (English for Saxons, Welsh for the Welsh and French for the Normans).  If they have a high Intelligence they may get additional languages from the following list.  English, Welsh, French, Flemish, Cornish, Gaelic and Latin.  By default the characters are illiterate in any language they speak.  

Classes: The allowed classes would include.  Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue and Sorcerer.  The Barbarian, Fighter and Rogue are right at home in the setting, (Barbarians are just really a variant of Fighters that relies more on determination and emotion, rather than martial skill).  Bards, Druids, Rangers and Sorcerers will fit in with some minor adjustment.  Adjusting for a Low-Magic setting.  Paladins and Clerics would be be somewhat out of place in a band of outlaws.  (Also I don't want to even try to begin to stat up the Judeo-Christian God for this game.  On account of all the controversy that would inspire).  While the Wizard relies too much on the written word to fit into the setting.

 A Note on Currency: Instead of the GP-SP-CP scale that role-players are so used to this game will use the period appropriate currency.  Of the Penny-Shilling-Pound, which converts roughly like this.
Penny = 1 SP (Silver Piece) = 1/12th of a Shilling, 1/240th of a Pound
Shilling = 1 GP (Gold Piece) = 12 Pennies, 1/20th of a Pound
Pound = 2 PP (Platinum Piece) = 240 Pennies, 20 Shillings
As a note the Pound and Shilling don't really exist (outside of an accountants ledge).  With that out of the way let's move onto our next order of business.
A period penny minted under the rule of King Stephen.
The characters are going to be seeing a lot of these.

Available Weapons

Simple Light Melee Weapons
Dagger = 1 Shilling, a common weapon used by noble and commoner alike.  Most use it as an eating utensil.  This can also be used to represent smaller versions of the Seax knife that the Saxons get their name from.  
Mace, light = 5 Shillings
Sickle = 6 Shillings

Simple One-Handed Melee Weapons
Club = 0
Mace, heavy = 12 Shillings
Shortspear = 1 Shilling

Simple Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Longspear = 5 Shillings
Quarterstaff = 0
Spear = 2 Shillings
Grounds for excommunication.

Simple Ranged Weapons
Crossbow, heavy = 2 1/2 Pounds
Bolts, crossbow (10) = 1 Shilling
Crossbow, light = 1 3/4 Pounds, the Pope has banned the use of crossbows against fellow Christians.  The price indicates how hard it is to get your hands on one.
Javelin = 1 Shilling
Sling = 0
Bullets, sling (10) = 1 penny

Martial Light Melee Weapons
Axe, throwing = 8 shillings (throwing axes have fallen out of favour since the age of the Vikings.  Plus they're difficult to make and balance right, the price reflects this).
Hand axe = 6 Shillings, another tool turned into a weapon.
Sword short = 10 Shillings (or a long knife depending on who you ask).

Martial One-Handed Melee Weapons
Battle axe = 10 Shillings, an axe designed with intent of actually killing people.
Long Sword = 15 Shillings, a sign of status.  Anyone not of noble birth caught with one will have some explaining to do.  The only proper sword available in the time period.
Falchion = 10 Shillings, commonly used by Hunters and Foresters.  The two handed version hasn't been invented yet so use the stats for a Scimitar.

Martial Ranged Weapons
Longbow = 3 3/4 Pounds, historians are still debating whether the English Longbow existed prior the
An English Longbow, we're still not sure if they're period accurate.
14th Century.  There are several instances of the Normans in England and their Welsh neighbours using Archers in combat.  The Normans using them in the way traditionally depicted in Hollywood battles.  While the Welsh preferred to use Archers in ambush, guerrilla tactics.  It is recorded that during the Norman invasion of Wales, Welsh archers inflicted many casualties.  It is not known whether they used Bows equivalent to the later English Longbow or if it was more like the Shortbow. I've included both types, for the sake of convenience.  It is unlikely any player characters would ever purchase a bow (more likely they'd craft it themselves), if they come into possession of one they'll do their damnedest to take care of it.  The price is meant to reflect the amount of time and skill it takes to craft a good bow.
Arrows (20) = 1 Shilling
Shortbow = 1 1/2 Pounds

An example of a Norman Kite Shield, the kind used
primarily by knights.

Available Armour

Light Armour
Padded Armour = 5 Shillings 
Leather Armour = 10 Shillings 
Studded Leather Armour = 1 1/4 Pounds 
Chain Shirt = 5 Pounds, meant to represent only a hauberk.  

Medium Armour
Hide = 15 Shillings 
Scale Mail = 2 1/2 Pounds 
Chainmail = 7 1/2 Pounds, meant to represent a full suit of mail. 

Shield, light wooden = 3 Shillings 
Shield, heavy wooden = 7 Shillings 
Shield, kite = 1 1/4 Pounds
Most shields of the period are constructed of a combination of steel (in some cases iron) and wood.  Wood serves as the primary component in most cases though.  In the case of the Kite Shield it primarily constructed of leather over a wooden frame.

Combat System

To get the right feel for this campaign, there would have to be some adjustments to the combat system.  Fortunately I've found a system that works for what I'm going for.  It's called Die Stygian Jackal.  It was originally intended for D&D 3.0 games set in the Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age.  Having read it I find it works for the gritty combat (with a pinch of swashbuckling) that I'm going for.  I also like how Armour is handled under the new system, where it now serves as damage reduction.  Rather than a chance to hit, and the amount of damaged reduced is randomized.  To represent whether the attacker hits a weak spot in the armour or not.  I also like the reduced Hit Points, as it makes combat a lot more deadly.  While at the same time making it possible to one-hit a character of higher level (on a lucky crit).  One nitpick I have against the system is how it determines the Defense Class that replaces Armour Class.  They base it on Hit Dice (which makes the Barbarian the most skilled at defence) which I don't think makes sense.  So I would have to make some adjustments to that.  These rules should be easy to port over to either Pathfinder or D&D 5th Edition.  You can find the mentioned system here

Notes on Magic 

This is a Low-Magic campaign set in an actual historical period.  There are no dragons and users of magic are rare.  If magic appears it is very subtle (it doesn't take the form of fireballs conjured out of thin air).  Clerics can't perform minor miracles in the name of their deity.  Instances of that happening are rare (that's why they're called miracles), the same goes for Paladins who are just Fighters that've been told that God is on their side.  The means with which to craft magic items have all but vanished from this world.  If the characters ever encounter a magic item or a miracle.  It will either be very minor or a very important plot point.  

There are also no fantastic monsters, like dragons (they've been dead for centuries at this point) outside of stories.  Some notable exceptions being ghosts and fairies that haunt abandoned ruins throughout England.  Even then these creatures are more meant to be puzzles to figure out than, a source of XP for killing.  

I hear a lot of you saying "If there are no magic items, what are the players supposed to spend their ill-gotten gains on?"  Four options have presented themselves to me.  
  1.  At the time the campaign takes place, there is a custom in place called Murdrum.  Essentially if a Norman is killed on a lord's land, the Lord must do everything in his power.  To bring the murderer to justice within five days, or be forced to pay a fine.  If a culprit can't be found (or arranged) the lord will have to put the squeeze on his vassals to pay the fine.  Often the peasants living on this land will bear the full brunt of this taxation.  This means that Saxons within areas where the players have killed Normans, might be less likely to aid the PCs (they might even sell them out, in hopes of abating the taxation).  The PCs would be able to get around this by doling out their spoils among the common people.  In areas where they've killed Normans, thus making it possible for the peasants to pay the taxes.  This way the peasants would be more willing to hide the PCs, than if they just kill Normans and do nothing about the consequences to the peasants.  
  2. If the characters decide to back one of the claimants to the throne.  (Especially if it's Empress Maude).  They can donate the money to their preferred candidate's war fund.  (Think of it as an investment towards that pardon, that you're hoping for).  
  3. In the chaos of Civil War the players might decide they like the idea of becoming nobility.  They could seize lands from their "rightful" owners.  They can then use the money they've amassed from robbing tax collectors, to invest in the infrastructure of their newfound lands.  (A ferry here, a new castle there).  
  4. For those of you still itching to have a better weapon or a better suit of armour.  I present to you  the Masterwork Rules from the Black Company RPG by Green Ronin.  You can get a weapon with a little extra oomph or armour with a little bit of extra protection.  Just by paying some extra money and waiting a little longer for the blacksmith to forge it.  You can find these rules re-printed here.
On the subject of PC spell casters, I would use the limited magic rules for Pathfinder.  (Found here).  It's my understanding that D&D 5th Edition has rules for running Low-Magic Campaigns in one of their core books.  I would also probably go through the Spell List and do some pruning.  Taking out those spells that are inappropriate for the setting.  

In Conclusion

This has been an interesting post to write.  Ordinarily I don't think to use D20 systems when I run games.  It was fun to work with a system that's outside my usual tastes.  I think if handled a certain way the system could be used to run a very fun low-magic Historical Campaign.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Be sure to +1 and re-share.  Until my next post, have a nice day and may the dice be ever in your favour. 
What the campaign would like if I used the Toon System.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My Newfound Fear of Dragons: A Treatise on the Horrific Implications of Dragons in Medieval Warfare (May Contain Spoilers to Game of Thrones)

Now like many people nowadays, I am a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones.  I've been on a bit of a hiatus, in terms of watching the show.  (I've not seen anything past Season 5 and have read the Books up to A Dance with Dragons).  I'm also not one of those people that minds spoilers.  In fact I've been known to spoil shows for myself at my own leisure.  So when a scene from the newest episode of Season came up in my Youtube Recommendations.  I decided to give it a watch, and that is how I came to have an irrational fear of flying, fire-breathing lizards, that inhabit the typical Fantasy World.

Honestly the most scary thing I've seen on screen in recent memory.
I've never really thought of Dragons in fantasy as a serious threat.  What with the typical fantasy novel having the characters either befriending or slaying them.  The above screenshot and a few other choice moments from the scene I watched, shattered that perception.  Now that I think about it, dragons are probably the most deadly and terrifying creatures on the face of the earth.  In A Song of Ice and Fire's Westeros setting they serve as a huge part of the lore.  Mirroring the use of knights by William the Conqueror when he conquered England in 1066 in our own timeline.  Dragons in Westeros are the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, they can disintegrate armies in a fiery blaze.

Hell I don't even think there is weapon in our modern arsenals that could match a Dragon.  It combines the fear-inspiring attack of a flamethrower.  With better ground-attack capability than any helicopter (that I know of) in existence.  In the case of Drogon from Game of Thrones, he can cremate fully-armoured men in a matter of seconds.  A feat that takes an incinerator burning at 1000 degrees celsius two hours.  This is all before you add in the spells, intellect and other goodies that a typical D&D dragon possesses.  Any army trying to engage such a beast with Medieval-level weaponry is doomed to failure.

   Let's take for example a lone soldier that tries to fight a Dragon with a Light Ballista (or Scorpion).  We'll be using a Great Wyrm Red Dragon to fill the role of Drogon (who is at least Colossal size, equal to a Blue Whale) in this situation.  (Found on page 96 of the Pathfinder Bestiary).  While we'll be using a Foot Soldier to represent our would-be Dragon-slayer.  (Found on page 286 of the Pathfinder Game Mastery Guide).  Let's assume for the sake of argument that the Foot Soldier makes their Will save (a Natural 20 perhaps?) against the Dragon's Frightful Presence.  Let's also assume (again for the sake of argument) that the Foot Soldier already has the Ballista loaded.  Under ideal conditions the Foot Soldier would be trained to used the Ballista.  Unfortunately his Stat Block doesn't allow for it, without some customization on the GM's part.  So he's rolling with an Attack modifier of -2 (from his lack of Proficiency in Ballistas), unless he rolls another Nat 20, it's pretty much impossible to hit the Dragon with it's AC of 50 (no joke, do the math!)  Even if our intrepid (or stupid) Foot Soldier were to hit on a Nat 20.  All that would do is piss the Dragon off!  (It's got a few hundred hit points!)  Either way he's getting incinerated, with 24d10 fire damage and a Fortitude Save (which he can't hit) for the faint glimmer of hope he might be resurrected.  Not to mention if this was a Cone (rather than a straight line) his Ballista with it's 50 HP is probably going to be joining him.

So there you have it.  My way of coping with the trauma of witnessing an army slaughtered by a mythical, fire-breathing, flying lizard.  (That sounds a lot more childish when written out, than it did in my head).  It honestly makes me wonder if GMs should rethink, how they portray Dragon slaying quests in their games.  Or even the roles that Dragon's play in their roles.  When you are an intelligent being with this kind of fire-power (pun intended) at your disposal.  What's to stop you from setting yourself up as Overlord of a nation!  There'd really be nothing stopping you, and you could have all the sacrifices you want.  You wouldn't have to collect your own hoard anymore!  You could just have your tax-collectors (read: people that don't want to be cooked alive) bring you all the riches you could ever want.

This was a fun post to write.  Until next time be sure to +1, follow, re-share.  Have a nice day and may you roll many crits.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Cyberpunk 2020: Introducing Aki

So back in May I started a Cyberpunk 2020 Campaign, with a friend from High School.  I've run one other Cyberpunk campaign in my time as a GM.  That one was a game centred upon a squad of Specialists within the Night City Police Department.  The concept drew rather heavily from Ghost in the Shell Stand-Alone Complex, which at the time had been my only exposure to Cyberpunk fiction.  By and large it was a disaster!  I couldn't gather enough players, the players I did manage to gather weren't playing characters with Combat-focused rolls.  (The group consisted of a MedTech and a Netrunner, our one Solo ended up dropping out before the first session even started!)

This time I decided that I wanted to take another crack at running Cyberpunk 2020.  I got in contact with one of the players from my previous campaign (that group's Netrunner).  I went over to her house with my revision of the Cyberpunk character generation rules (you can that them here).  Since we didn't have any other players in the group I decided that this would be a single-player campaign.  Focusing on the single character, I didn't go in with any preconceived notions about what the campaign would be about.  I would leave it entirely up to the die-rolls of the Lifepath.  If the die-rolls indicated that this would be a campaign of Corporate intrigue, then that is what I would run.  If they came up indicating a game of gutter-punk survival then that is what I would run.  The end result was Aki (you can see her stats here).

A closer approximation to what
Aki looks like than anything else
I could find on Google Images.
Aki ended up being a Japanese ex-corporate Street Samurai.  The results of her Lifepath indicated that the campaign I would run, would be a "street" campaign.  She ended up with a lot of emotional baggage (which is great since this campaign has the luxury of being able to focus on a single character).  A devoted girlfriend named Rinchen (who Aki constantly cheats on) Aki's most valued person and the source of her Close Personal Tie disadvantage.  An enemy in the form of her old Corporate handler Ingrid Zackova (who Aki blinded in one eye and has sworn revenge against).  As well as a serious personality flaw of perpetual unfaithfulness to her girlfriend (in the form of sexual addiction).

There's a lot about Aki that makes you think that her life is the plot to a bad romance drama.  Which a lot of people would think doesn't fit into the Cyberpunk genre.  Personally I think nothing could be further from the truth.  Take a look at Neuromancer that book is full of failed romances.  Chase's betrayal at the hands of Linda Lee, his short on-the-job romance with Molly.  Molly herself has a past as a meat-puppet and a dead boyfriend Johnny (last name Mnemonic).  Hell even the back-stabbing Riviera has a background of betraying his lovers to the Turkish MPs.  Cyberpunk also borrows a lot from Film Noir, where there never seems to be a happy or "normal" relationship.  In fact that often ends up serving as a source of conflict.  In Brick (an unusual example of Film Noir set in a modern high school), an ex-girlfriend's phone call pleading for help.  Leads the protagonist on his path to take revenge on the drug-ring that killed her.  While in Sin City Goldie comes to Marv in hopes that he'll protect her from a silent killer that wants her dead.  I personally hope to use Aki's relationship with Rinchen for all that it's worth, in terms of story.

In terms of skillset, Aki isn't a particularly versatile character.  I'll have to restrict myself to problems that can be solved through the following options.  Physical Violence, social maneuvering (intimidation or persuasion) or critical thinking (street-smarts).  She has absolutely no skill when it comes to hacking or technology of any kind (her dump-stat is Tech for crying out loud).  Also Aki probably isn't going to be taking on any jobs that resemble the typical Cyberpunk 2020/Shadowrun missions.  (Bust into Corporate Facility X and extract the macguffin (scientist, information, prototype)).  In terms of jobs she'll probably be doing contract killings, bounty hunting, private investigations, debt collection and some light body guarding work.  While this kind of work can be incredibly straight-forward, it'll be my job to make it complicated.  Example: Debt-Collecting it's never as simple as knock on the guy's door and ask him to hand over the money he owes.  The punk most definitely owes money to a number of people all over the city.  Problem is that the majority of them have decided that today is the final day to collect.  So you gotta contend with the competition.  Also he just borrowed money from another guy (unaware of his outstanding debts) and used the money to hire some gangers to keep his creditors at bay.

Most of Aki's equipment is pretty standard for a Street Samurai.  In terms of Cybernetics she has the basics, Sandevistan Boosterware, a Universal Link, Biomonitor and some Lite-Tattooes.  The player ended up rolling pretty poorly for Alienation, so they decided to get Smart-Glasses (Goggles in the Corebook) instead of investing in full-blown Cyberoptics.  She wields a Kukri Knife, because the player didn't put any skill points into Fencing for a Katana.  She wields a Smart-gun conversion of the Sig Sauer 210-2 (or rather a 3rd party clone of it), loaded with base exploder rounds.  (Deals with armour great, packs a little more wallop and doesn't leave fingerprints).  She also has a (roughly) 3 carat diamond engagement ring (for her girlfriend when the time is right) in retrospect that shifty street-vendor overcharged her.  The most expensive purchase (other than the cyberware) has to be the Mitsubishi Kaneda motorcycle with cyber controls.  I hope to get this beauty involved in some high-speed chases.  I just hope Aki doesn't end up like Toe-Cutter from the first Mad Max movie.
A recurring nightmare I have about how the game will end.        

So there you have it a brief overview of the heroine of my new Cyberpunk  2020 campaign.  After some communication with the game's one player, we're finally ready to sit down and play the first session.  I can't wait, I've been sitting on the first scenario for the majority of the summer.  Now my hard work will finally pay off.  The game is scheduled to happen Thursday the 17th, I'll be sure to post an Actual Play.  Things should be good as long as neither of us dies.  So until then have a good day and good gaming.  Be sure to +1, reshare, comment and follow as you see fit.