Saturday, 21 October 2017

Campaign Pitch - The Houses of Blackport

With it being October and all I felt the need to write a post in keeping with the Halloween spirit.  I decided I wanted to put together a pitch that embodied a lot of themes of Gothic Horror.  I was inspired by such things as Frankenstein, Dracula, Wuthering Heights, Blades in the Dark and of course Ravenloft.  The result was the City-state of Blackport, a misty-streeted city ruled by necromancers, devil-worshippers, alchemists and gods know what else.  Imagine a Victorian era London where Queen Victoria was an undying lich.  With more interest in her necromantic experiments than ruling her empire.  Leaving it in the hands of a parliament of backstabbing, double-dealing warlock families.  That vie for supremacy both in the richly appointed halls of government and the mist-filled streets of the city.
What I imagine the streets of Blackport look in the
permanent night.
Things I want to see in this campaign?
  • A Royal Palace guarded by an elite corps of skeletal guardsman, reanimated by the undying Lich Queen herself. 
  • Gangs of New York style thieves' guilds battling each other in the city streets.  Armed with clubs, knives, revolvers and sword canes.
  • Nobleman necromancers buying cadavers off of said thieves' guilds for use in their experiments.  
  • Vampire Jack-the-Ripper style serial killers stalking prostitutes in Blackport's version of White Chapel.  
  • University students bored with their studies, playing god and creating flesh golems to serve them until such as time as they tire from such distractions.
  • Masquerade parties among the townhouse estates of the magocrats of the city.  That usually end with a rival's assassination, kidnapping or an unspeakable ritual. 
  • Universities where aspiring necromancers and devil-summoners, rub shoulders with future magistrates and barristers.  
So there you have it a pitch for my Gothic Horror Campaign.  I don't know what system I would use, but a few come to mind.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Be sure to +1, reshare and follow.  As always may the dice be ever in your favour.  Until next time.

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