Thursday, 28 September 2017

All Fun and Games until... - An Editorial and an Apology

So some of my regular readers might be wondering.  Where's the next actual-play report from your Cyberpunk game, you bastard?!  Let me start off by saying that we played the fourth session of the game.  So it would just be a matter of typing up the post.  The problem is that would I feel right about writing it?

I guess I'll have to start from how I came to this way of thinking.  As I said we ran the fourth session Wednesday September 20th same as always, we had a great time and the evening ended on high note.  About a day or two after the fact, I get a text from the game's single-player.  Talking about how she didn't know how she felt about playing Aki (her character in the game) anymore.  For those of you who don't remember or don't know Aki has a habit of cheating on her girlfriend/common-law wife of six years Rinchen.  She was a character that both I and the player were excited to explore the story of when we first created her.  That is until the player was contacted by her mother, telling her that she and the player's step-father were getting a divorce.  That the step-father had been cheating on her mother for years now.

This had come after a session where the character, Aki had taken revenge on a vicious pimp (who she had once slept with), rescued her kidnapped girlfriend and then lied through her teeth to the aforementioned girlfriend.  About her relationship with the now deceased pimp.  At the time we had celebrated it as an incredibly good session, with a lot of good roleplaying on the player's part.  Then not that long after the player received the news.  She texted me soon after and we had a discussion about the implications of this on the game.  (One of the few ways we're able keep our friendship alive while the player is away at college).  The player made it clear to me that she didn't want to play Aki anymore.  That she didn't want to be put in position where she'd have to tell a well-constructed lie like the one her character told Rinchen.

I of course supported her in her decision.  As much as I love Roleplaying (I write about it extensively on this blog and plan to open a store dedicated to the sale of such games when I save enough money) I recognize that it is a game.  Games are supposed to be fun and if a player feels uncomfortable about the subject matter of a game.  Then that player isn't having fun.  Also I have a known this person since the 10th grade and they are one of the few friends I am still in contact with.  I would never put my own amusement or sense of achievement ahead of a friend's feelings.  The player is aware that I write actual-plays about our campaign.  When I asked if she wished for me not to write up the fourth session she said I should feel free to write it.  She also encouraged me to explain the situation in as much detail as was necessary.  Short of revealing her name of course.

Ultimately I decided against writing up the actual-play, because I didn't feel morally right about it.  I did however feel obligated to my readers to explain why there would be no more actual-plays, featuring Aki.  The player and I plan to continue playing Cyberpunk 2020, but the campaign with the Aki character has officially come to an end.  We plan to roll up a new character next Wednesday.  I'm sorry for any disappointment I may have caused.  

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